A training program on Improving Work Relationships for Better Results was organized by Centre for Capacity Building (CECAB) for twenty eight Senior Executives and Managers of the United Finance Ltd. on Wednesday 26 July 2017 at Hotel Mulberry, Jyatha, Kathmandu, Nepal.


The purpose of the training program was: to improve mutual understandings of superior and subordinates with a view to create better work environment in the organization; and to develop work efficiency of the working groups and individuals for better results of the United Finance Ltd (UFL).

In order to fulfill the above purposes, the objectives of the training program were: i) to develop conceptual understandings of the trainees about work relationships in organization and its importance; ii) to asses and analyze the current scenario of work relationships in the organization; and iii) to develop strategies for improving better work relationships of the staff for enhancing work efficiency in UFL.

The main coverage of the program topics were: i. conceptual understandings about work relationships in organizational contexts; ii. analysis of current work relationships in United Finance Ltd; and iii. developing strategies for improving work relationships for better results.

The program was accomplished fully with active participation and interactions of the participants. At the end of the training, certificates of participation were awarded to the trainees and they expressed that the program helped them to acquire contextual learning inputs on soft skills relating to work relationships and team work effectiveness, which were obviously useful for enhancing their work efficiency and working environment in their workplace. Nonetheless, the training program on this topic was undertaken for the first time in UFL.

A Training Program on Improving Work Relationships for Better Results
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