Development demands for competent people and modern capable organizations. Professionally sound organizations or service centers are instrumental to disseminate innovative knowledge, views, and techniques that help broaden the outlook of the people and build capacity for desirable change and modernization of the societies and the nations. This also calls for sharing of information and experiences among people to people and organization to organization even on cross-cultural basis.

Center for Capacity Building (CECAB) was set up in 2008 with a view to provide professional services for developing individual, organizational and societal capacity from broader change perspectives.

The centre has so far been involved in conducting a number of training programs on capacity building and change. It is always at service to provide quality services to public, private, non-governmental organizations, civil societies and international agencies.

CECAB focuses its service areas mainly in training, consulting, research, information services and support. The centre at present leans more towards systems improvement of the organizations; change in the level of knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individuals; community development and social change; knowledge and information management so as modernization of different service organizations which are explicitly and implicitly concern to the people.

The centre also prefers to work jointly with different local, national and international organizations in management and development arenas, both in individual and institutional basis. As a resource centre, it also aims to reinforce for cross-cultural learning and development.


The Centre for Capacity Building envisions developing as a socio-economically conscious service centre and professionally active resource centre.


CECAB stands to work for social change; and development of people, organization and society. To this end, the three-fold missions of CECAB are:

  • » to serve as a resource center providing and sharing information and knowledge;
  • » to serve as a service center undertaking training, research, consulting, and support services; and
  • » to serve as a development center for capacity development of individuals, organizations and of the communities.


The main objectives of the CECAB are:

  • » to conduct training, research, and consulting services for change and capacity development of individuals, organizations and the societies.
  • » to undertake programs for knowledge and information sharing as well as dissemination.
  • » to establish linkages with various local, national, and international organizations for individual or joint ventures in training, research, consulting and support services.

CECAB - Center for Capacity Building

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